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Not only does he dispense herbs and practise acupuncture, but Leong teaches patients qi gong, advises them on dieting and offers emotional therapy. People mostly come in for fertility problems, slip discs and

Women Cancer Cure

What is Cancer?

Our body constantly make a new cell to take over the old cells. Normally, the cells are growth under control so when a group of cell growth out of the control it will become a tumors.

Cancer tumors can be divided into two types of tumors,first is Benign Tumors and the second is Malignant Tumors. A Bengin Tumors is a small tumors in the organs. Bengin Tumor will not spread to other organs and it growth very slow.Bengin Tumor is not a cancer.Malignant Tumor is bigger than Bengin Tumors. Malignant Tumor growth very fast. If the Malignant Tumors did not treat well it will spread to other organs.Malignant Tumor also called carcinoma in situ, it is a type of cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer:

Different type of cancer have a different symptoms. Some of the cancer do not have any symthoms in the early stage so do run a test every year / half a year.

Factors of Cancer

Cancer Test

How to reduce the risk ?

Eat Smart

What means eat smart? Only taking low fat , low salt and more fiber means Eat Smart. Not all the fat is bad for healthy, our body also need some fat to grow. If we take too much of fat but we did not do excercise the fat will stay in our body, this will harm our body. Take fish, unsalted nuts and vegetable oil can help to get the healthy fat in our body.

Live Healthy

To have a healthy live you should stop smoking(if you are a smoker), no alcohol and more exercise. Quite smoking can help you avoid the Lung Cancer,Larynx, Bladder Cancer,Kidney and Liver Cancer. To reduce the cancer risk, you also need to beaware on the secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke will increase your chance to get a Lung Cancer.

Cancer Tumors Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Cure

Depends for the stage of the cancer and the types of the cancer, the period of the treatment will be different.


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At 2008, I fall down in my house and I felt the pain, I could not move. My family send me to the hospital and the doctor run some test for me. After 4 days, I got the report that diagnosed that I have a Bones Cancer. I and my family was very shock for this. I fight with Bones Cancer with some treatment but in the next year it spread to liver. I fight with the Liver Cancer with some treatment, the report show that cancer cell in the bones and liver had been cured but it that is a cancer tumors in my brain. I and my family feel very disapointed to the treatment. My friend bring me to The Tole and I started the cancer tumors acupuncture and herbal treatment in April 2011. After one month, my doctor told me that the tumor had become smaller and it is under control. The treatment do really help to control the cancer cells and tumors.
Alice Elderson ,56 years old

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