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Not only does he dispense herbs and practise acupuncture, but Leong teaches patients qi gong, advises them on dieting and offers emotional therapy. People mostly come in for fertility problems, slip discs and

Autism Cure

What is Autism ?

Autism is a brain development problem affected the kids difficult to communicate with others. Usually, autism will be diagnosed before 3 year old.

Sign and Symptoms of Autism :

Sometimes the parents does not realize that their child have Autism. Parents will misunderstanding their child, they though their child are too naughty and stubborn but unfortunately their child are diagnosed as Autism.

Even Autism could not be fully cure by medicine or treatment but the doctor can reduce it. As the Chinese Master knew that the energy in the brain does not work well, this causes the neutron in the brain could not linked to each other. Therefore, the Chinese Master use special Autism Herbal Medicine and Neuro Acupuncture to reduce the Autism symptoms and this has show a good result.

Autism Treatment Cure

To smoothly link the neutron together Chinese Master had decided to use a special Autism treatment and Medicine powder to reduce the Autism Symptoms. Parents can put a little bit herbal powder into the food or drinks for their child. During the treatment, Chinese Master also using the Autism Neuro Acupuncture to flow the energy in the brain to connect neurons with other neurons. This acupuncture treatment had been advice by Chinese Master to do it everyday.

The reason why the parent choose Chinese Master because the traditional treatment can avoid the side effect. Both of this treatment have show a lot of good result and most of the patient and their families are happy with the treatment.

I quited my job after I knew my son is an Autism Child. I and my husband searching all around the Malaysia to get a treatment for my son. After a few try it doesn't see any result until I heard the Malaysia Chinese Master in KL is a specialist for Autism Child. Therefore I bring my son to the Chinese Master. After 3 months, my son was not screaming when he hear the car or motorcycle horns. He can answer other people when the people call his name. He smile and can smothly talk with other people. I and my husband was very happy for this.
Mrs Lee ,34 years old

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