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Back Pain Cure

Back Pain for Women

Sometimes women having a back pain that is same with the men but sometimes they are not. Women who over 25 years old are most common to have a back pain. Nowaday, not only oldest women will having back pain and also youngest female. In the coming paragraph will we talk about the types of back pain and the causes of back pain for women.

Types of back pain for women

  1. Fibromyalgia
    • Fibromyalgia are very common for the women after 20 years old. Fibromyalgia also called fibromyalgia syndrome. This kind of back pain is having a pain in a several points on your body (back and front). More about Fibromyalgia

  2. Pregnancy Back Pain
    • Back pain is a very common for the women during the pregnant time. Some pregnant women will feel the back pain at night. Sometime they feel the pain at the back of the pelvis. Most of the women will feel the pain when sitting and standing. Pregnancy back pain might causes by the Relaxin Hormones, emotional, incorrect postures when sitting or standing and gravity change because of pregnant.

  3. Period Back Pain
    • A lot of women having back pain during period time. This is because of the hormones change during period. The hormones release during period time will causes the women feel a lower back pain.

  4. Lower Back Pain
    • That is two types of lower back pain for women. First is lower left back pain(Lower Left Abdominal Pain). Second is lower right back pain(Lower Right Abdominal Pain). When a women have a kidney infection or ovary cancer women will feel the back pain on the right or maybe on the right. Lower back pain will occur when the muscle injured. So how we differentiate the which type of lower back pain we have? If you feel the back pain every time you breath that maybe a muscle injured. If not,then maybe it is a kidney infection or kidney stone because the kidney is at the back and under the liver. Women will also feel the back pain if they have a ovary cancer.

  5. Upper Back Pain
    • The upper back pain included neck and shoulder. Upper back pain is occurs when you have a disk problem, muscle injured, stress and others.

  6. Osteoporosis
    • Osteoporosis means the bones is to weak. Osteoporosis happen very common on the women who over 50 years old. The reason why Osteoporosis occur because the body did not have enough calcium to grow the new tissues or bones. The bones become very weak because of not enough calcium to grow the new bone for the body.

Causes Of Back Pain for women

  1. The incorrect standing or sitting postures will causes back pain.
  2. Alchohol, smoking and not enough sleep will causes the back pain.
  3. The women who are overweight will causes the back pain because of the stress for the muscle.
  4. Medical Condition such as Ovary cancer, kidney infection, pregnant, pelvis inflammatory disease
  5. Slipped Disc
  6. Falling down
  7. Incorrect lifting postures
  8. Carrying Heavy object

Back Pain Acupuncture Treatment for Women

No matter which types of back pain you have. You should visit a doctor and have a check for your body. Normally, the Chinese Master will use herbal and acupuncture for intesive treatment to help the patient to release from the back pain. Acupuncture Treatment have been proven by a good result to solve the back pain problem without any side effect.

I am a clerk. Because of my job I have to stay in the office and sitting on my chair for the hole day. Day by day, I had a back pain because of the back pain I couldn't concentrate to my work. I went for the treatment for ONLY one time, the back pain is gone after the acupuncture.
Jenny Leong ,44 years old

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