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Migraine Cure

Migraine for women

When the serotonin is getting lower people will feel one side headache we called this Migraine. Migraine Disease is a very common type of headache. The headache sometimes occur at one side but it will also occur at both side head. Migraine Disease sometime will occur more than one times a week and migraine will attack for continuously for few hours or few days.

Women who are around 10 to 55 years old are in high risk. Migraine headache is very common in women because of the estrogen affected the serotonin. The serotonin will drop and a women will get a Migraine headache like before or after the period, during pregnant, taking contraceptives pills and also during adolescence. Sometime when a women started their menopause the Migraine Headache will gone without any treatment.

Symptoms of Migraine :

Normally, the Migraine Disease will come with some common symptoms such as vomit, nausea, sensitive for light or sounds, vision trouble (blurring vision, see star light or jagged lines light,temporary blind).

Other symptoms like:

Causes of Migraine Disease

Migraine during pregnancy

The hormone change during pregnancy is very common. When the hormone change the migraine will become better or maybe worse. Some of the women are the first time feeling the migraine during pregnant in the first 3 months. If you are having a Migraine Disease during pregnancy, you should visit a doctor immediately.

Migraine Acupuncture Treatment Cure

A migraine acupuncture herbal treatment can avoided the side effect from the antibiotics. Chinese Master is using acupuncture to balancing the Yin (serotonin) Yang inside the body and improve the energy flow inside the brain. At the same time, Chinese Master will give herbal medicine to the patient. Herbal medicine can slowly help the body to regenerate. Migraine Treatment do show the result in the pass 50 years.

I have a Migraine Headache during my pregnancy. It was very trouble and disturbing me that time. The headache is occur at my left side head for 2 days. It makes me very upset all the day when it's occur. My doctor gave me some medicine but I am afraid the medicine will affected the baby so I didn't take it. Till one day, I met Master Leong and I start Migraine Disease Treatment. Master Leong provided me acupuncture and herbal medicine during the treatment. After 3 weeks, migraine headache was disappear ! After 9 months, my healthy baby born in hospital ! Thanks to Master Leong !
Liu Shi Shi ,24 years old from China

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