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Sinus Cure

What is Sinus Infection ?

Sinus infection (Sinusitis) is an inflammation of the sinus. Sinus cavities are located on the face which is between and above the eyes and around the nose.The function of sinuses is to filter the air, lightening the skull, humidify the air and to improve the resonance of the voice.

3 Types of Sinus :

  1. Short- term sinus (Acute Sinusitis)
    • Acute sinusitis is an sinusitis inflammation that is less than 4 weeks. A patient who have a flu, fever and sinus pain will be diagnosed as a Acute Sinusitis. Sometimes an Acute Sinusitis without any treatment in a few days. If it doesn't go away itself it will become Chronic Sinusitis.
  2. Long-Term Sinus (chronic Sinusitis)
    • Chronic Sinusitis is a sinusitis inflammation more than 7 weeks. If Acute Sinusitis did not been cure after 4 weeks it will be diagnosed as a Chronic Sinusitis.
  3. Infection Sinus
    • A lot of women having back pain during period time. This is because of the hormones change during period. The hormones release during period time will causes the women feel a lower back pain.

Causes of a Sinus Infection

  1. Bacteria or Virus infection
  2. Did not carry well when you have flu/cold
  3. Allergies

Signs and symptoms of Sinusitis such as :

  1. Headache
  2. Toothache
  3. Sinus Pressure
  4. Sinus Pain
  5. Fever
  6. Facial Tenderness
  7. Bad Breath
  8. Cough
  9. Discharge in yellow or green
  10. Tiredness

However, if a sinusitis become complicated the virus or bacteria in sinus might get into bones, blood or others organs. So it is better to start the Sinus Treatment early.

Cure Sinusitis with Acupucture and Herbal Medicine Treament

Chinese Master provided a acupucture and herbal medicine to cure the patient. Using the herbal medicine and acupuncture can reduce the side effect.

I have sinusitis for 13 years. I can't breath and smell through my nose. After I knew the Chinese Master is one of the expert to cure Sinusitis so I went for a few treatment. After the treatment, I can smell and breath through my nose. It was just amazing! I and my family was very excited for this.
Kenny ,54 years old

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