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Not only does he dispense herbs and practise acupuncture, but Leong teaches patients qi gong, advises them on dieting and offers emotional therapy. People mostly come in for fertility problems, slip discs and


Twice as many women die of stroke than breast cancer every year.

Despite this startling statistic, women are more worried about their risk of getting breast cancer than their stroke risk. What's more, women think stroke is a men's disease. But the truth is more women than men will die from stroke.

One way you can improve your odds for not having a stroke is to learn about the lifestyle changes and medicines that can lower your stroke risk.

Some risk factors are the same for men and women:

Other risks are unique to women:

Warning signs and symptoms
Just as important as learning how to prevent stroke is knowing how to recognize one, because when a stroke occurs time is of the essence. Immediate medical care is critical to minimize brain damage and disability. Because time lost is brain lost. If an individual experiences any of the following they may be having a stroke and need immediate emergency care:

Of interest is a 2003 study that documented, reportedly for the first time, a significant difference in the way women and men describe their symptoms while they’re having a stroke. Women were 62 percent more likely than men to say they were feeling sensations not on the list of “traditional” stroke symptoms. In particular, women were more likely to report pain and changes in consciousness or disorientation. They were also generally more likely than men to report non-neurological symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. Study researchers say the results may help explain findings from other research showing that women often don’t get stroke treatment as quickly as men .

Neuro Acupuncture Stroke Treatment Cure
Chinese Master's NEURO brain acupunctures treatment cure to help the Qi flow and activated also cure left eye and left ear and the blockage in your brain. Some body neuro acupuncture to strengthen and treats your basic sickness by regenerating his organ and Qi in the body. Automatically its will eliminates your sickness and get stronger than before. Usually, herbal medicine will be taken together with acupuncture treatment.

At 2011,I have been diagnosed I have a stroke. My right side of body could not move. My husband send me to The Tole and meet Master Leong to have Stroke Treatment. Master Leong gave me herbal medicine and intensive acupuncture treatment. After 2 weeks, my hand and leg can slowly moved and after one month I can walk by myself without any help. Now I am getting better and better.
Candy, 55 years old

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